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One of the keys of our success is for sure our versatility, i.e. the ability to act simultaneously and with the same efficiency in different sectors. This has undoubtedly been made possible thanks to the constant attention paid to changes occurring in the market conditions and to the the capability to react to these in a positive way. An important role has also been played by the progressive technological and professional updating which, combined with a careful diversification of production potential, has allowed us to maintain very high quality and efficiency levels, thus enabling the company to meet the extreme variability of customer’s requirements. Our current production consists of the following six large macro-fields:


One of our major core businesses is the automotive sector, especially the luxury cars segment of the world’s leading brands. In order to ensure maximum responsiveness to the different manufacturers’ demands, we have diversified our management and production procedures to effectively handle both prototype and small, medium and large series requests. Last , but not least, achievement acquired in this sector is the accreditation according to the ISO / TS 16949 international technical standard.


Parallel to the automotive industry, we have progressively approached the aeronautic sector thanks to the many expertises gained in the subcontracting of non-critical aircraft body parts.


For the MOTOGP® championship we produce high-precision parts with a minimum time-to-market, always assisting the racing teams in design development, time/costs evaluation, prototyping and testing.


Formula 1® is certainly one of the sectors which have contributed the most to OM4’s professional and technological development, facilitating the approach to other markets (for example, aerospace) where the same high levels of promptness and rigorous adherence to customer specifications are required.


Similarly to the MOTOGP® and Formula 1® fields, in motorsport sector OM4 has long been committed to supporting the teams, which in turn are linked to different car manufacturers.


From the beginning OM4 has been commited to manufacturing of high precision mechanical parts for a variety of industrial plants and machineries. Starting from lock-components and small turned parts we have expanded our business in different new branches, and at present we manage the machining of coupling flanges, clamping systems, grooved and toothed profiles, brass and steel fittings, to name a few, and also moulds for composites and plastics.