The milling can be defined as the main mechanical machining by chip removal: thanks to it, it is possible to obtain a variety of shapes, even of great complexity, starting from semi-finished blocks of different materials, mainly aluminium and steel and also titanium alloys, magnesium and technopolymers. Recently the integration between mechanics, computer science and automation has led the simple milling machines to real work centers with higher installed power, equipped with independent tool stores, integrated control and management software. In OM4 we have a wide range of CNC work centers, mainly distinguished by number of axes and operating area, this latter being the one that indicates the space, in the three dimensions X / Y / Z, reachable from the tool and therefore the maximum envelope of the mechanical detail which the machine can produce.

Moreover, thanks to the investments performed in the automation, we can count on the latest pallet changer robot systems, allowing us to greatly increase the efficiency of loading the material inside the working area. We do also perform on our machines a regular scheduled maintenance activity using a predictive scheme, which is based on strict risk assessment methods, thus enabling us to guarantee maximum efficiency and accuracy of the process done.

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