Because of the growing market demands, especially in the automotive, aerospace and racing sectors, the OM4 has started a new department entirely dedicated to the spreading of primers, paints and enamels on metal and plastic materials. We have in fact a SAIMA painting booth, of about 3X4 meters width, insulated and ventilated according to law and equipped with a drying oven, thanks to which we can produce a wide range of finishes upon customer’s request. The area also has benches and tools for the mixing and application of solvents for the degreasing of details, as well as a sanding machine with glass microspheres for the preparation of surfaces. The whole activity is entrusted to a selected team of operators trained with the best knowledge and skills in the state of the art, and the quality of the result is guaranteed by an adequate and strict series of control procedures in terms of aesthetics and functionality(ex. adhesion test, thickness test).