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The company OM4 is a precision mechanic workshop which has been active in the field of mechanical engineering since 1988 and throughout this period has been improving both quality and quantiy of its machineries. Thanks to its high professionality it has reached high standards which enables the company nowadays to reach the constantly changing requirements of the market. OM4 facility is located in the industrial area of Pagliare del Tronto (AP) less than 1 km from the exit of Spinetoli along the highway called Ascoli/Mare This position is exellent as far as logistic since it can cover the entire valley and also because of a good connection with the major routes.

Since 1988 in the field of mechanical constructions

Our experience in the field of mechanical constructions does allow us to offer a wide range of solutions for the realization of precision mechanical products: as a standard we work with stainless steel alloys, titanium and nickel alloys, aluminum and magnesium, bronze, brass and different types of technopolymers. We can also count on automation systems providing us with the necessary versatility to simultaneously manage small, medium and large production batches. Thanks to the skills acquired during the whole period of our activity we have gained a leading role in the market of precision mechanical parts, and it’s therefore our primary interest to consolidate the excellent relationships with our exsisting customers. At the same time we are constantly in search of new opportunities for cooperation, in order to both establish and keep mutual trust and support with our partners.

Our mission

Our mission is reliability for our customer
We are like a clock, in which every gear has its precise task to achieve the final result. Our strategic growth is based on the technological innovation, which, combined with flexibility, method and precision, does allow us to be in the market as a partner able to combine high standard levels with high production competitiveness. A large number of machineries, diversified and optimized for each specific production phase, together with a highly qualified staff, enable us to maintain an efficient and precise organization, which is the key to gain the trust of our customers.

Partner Automobili Lamborghini

The collaboration with Lamborghini was born in 2006 thanks to a direct dialogue with the company. We are honored by such trust which confirms our constant commitment to maintain and improve our quality standard. The first project achieved through this partnership concerns parts for the Aventador's carbon fiber monocoque chassis. A structure that immediately presented itself as an innovative realization, able to combine different materials together, to make them express their best. We have made some structural parts in aluminium, which function as the core of the chassis. They are then laminated inside, in order to overcome the problem of the limited resistance of carbon.
The project involving the Huracán STO consists in the creation of the back support for the rear spoiler, made of aluminium. The created part belongs to those visible in the car, and has an impact on the aesthetic result. The challenge of Lamborghini is ambitious, to create a super sports car with the aim of offering the sensations of a sporty drive and the technologies of a racing car in a model approved for road use. The rear spoiler was designed in order to obtain a specific degree of aerodynamic downforce, as well as it has the task of limiting drag to a minimum.
The design is developed through a slot system, its main feature is that it can be manually adjusted in three different positions. This aspect allows the driver to adapt the front aerodynamic balance to different driving styles.
Collaborating with Lamborghini is a continuous stimulus, having the opportunity to give our contribution to the creation of avant-garde mechanical system is the center of our work, a reason for growth and passion for mechanics.

Il progetto che riguarda la Huracán STO consiste nella creazione di supporto strutturale per l’alettone posteriore, realizzato in alluminio. Il componente realizzato fa parte di quelli a vista nella vettura, ed impatta nel risultato estetico. La sfida della Lamborghini è ambiziosa, creare una supersportiva con lo scopo di offrire le sensazioni di una guida sportiva e le tecnologie di un’auto da corsa in un modello omologato ad uso stradale. L’alettone posteriore è stato progettato per poter ottenere uno specifico grado di deportanza aereodinamica, al tempo stesso ha il compito di limitare al minimo la resistenza.
Il design si sviluppa attraverso un sistema a fessura, la sua principale caratteristica è che può essere regolato manualmente in tre posizioni differenti. Tale aspetto permette al conducente di adattare l’equilibrio aereodinamico anteriore a differenti stili di guida.
Collaborare con Lamborghini è un continuo stimolo, poter dare il nostro contributo alla realizzazione di sistemi meccanici avanguardistici è il fulcro del nostro lavoro, motivo di crescita e passione per la meccanica.