Turning is for sure one of the oldest and best known processing techniques for the production of revolutionary solids, apart from the field fo mechanics The evolution of machine tools has then developed the concept, leading to the standardization of instrumentation and methodologies especially in the field of production of industrial components. Also in this case the introduction of information technology and automation has allowed us to improve more and more the efficiency and versatility of the process, and OM4, thanks to its own equipment of CNC lathes combined with automatic bar pusher, has integrated the innovations, thus resulting among the first companies to be able to offer an adaptable turning service both for small just-in-time productions and for large contracted lots.

As a general trend, the OM4 is also equipped with combined systems allowing to centralize in only phase , complex turning operations followed by milling, including multi-spindle lathes and multi-axis lathes, as well as c.d. newly designed multitasking.

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